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Automated Web-Based Tracking of the NYISO Load

On this page the ISO load for the New York Independent System Operator zones is tracked on an hourly basis (the database is updated every day). The data range can be customized and the plots show an hourly profile through the day, the peak load day (in MWh), the minimum load day (in MWh) and the peak demand (in MW). All of the service areas are not available over the full time range: Prior to January 31, 2005, the New York City and Long Island zones were recorded as one zone. The Consolidated Edison service area consists of the ISO zones for New York City, Dunwoode and Millwood and is an approximation of the utility's total load. Consolidated Edison and Zones J and K are not available prior to January 31, 2005. The remaining zones are available beginning in June 2001. For a full map of the ISO zones, click here.

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